Print Pad Cuts The Charge Of Labeling

Businesses printing barcode labels in-residence no longer have to tie-up PCs just to work their label printers, thanks to Print Pad, a dedicated barcode printing terminal.

Does print Pad weigh only 800 grams? And its compact 219mm by 178mm by 38mm dimensions imply that it is equally at home on the factory manufacturing line as in a substantial street store. Digital label cutter is most suited for the efficient production of labels and contour-cut stickers for use in product labeling

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Customized merchandise, cartons or compliance labels made using Print Pad can include text, barcodes, and graphics, price tags and weight details as well as user instructions. Print Pad can print the number of series, calculate the expiration date and record the creation info.

It can scan the number of items for accuracy and validate information against each stored database. Keyboard-operated Print Pads can manage up to four different printers, although each one prints different details on a variety of label sizes, with an added bonus

This will help each printer plus hundreds of barcode printers from other top printer manufacturers. One more advantageous characteristic is that the Print Pad can be connected to any scanner or scale. Each impact and waterproof, and can be operated on a power source or a battery that lasts up to eight hours.

Print Pad will download stores and print thousands of records from one of the most frequently used databases around the world. It has a large QWERTY keypad and a large backlit show, 512KB of Flash memory developed and will store an unlimited number of label formats.